The team would like to thank the MatchBack-er who generously shared the following:

“I have two grown children and one on the verge of teenager-hood.  We have been very fortunate to be able to provide for our children beyond the basic necessities, and they’ve been able to wear the kind of clothes that they want to.  They may not have been what was trendy at the moment, but it was what they wanted.  In essence, my children have never been faced with having to wear hand-me-down clothes, or shop at the thrift store.

When I first heard about MatchBack my honest first thought was, it’s just a shirt and a hat, how much difference can that make? Despite my skepticism I signed on as a MatchBack-er from the beginning because the team believed in it and I believed in them.  My experiences since then with MatchBack have really opened my eyes.  Having the opportunity to speak with groups who will be distributing the boxes to the kids; seeing through their eyes the opportunity to give kids who have almost nothing this one thing that is theirs, that is brand new and never worn by another person.  Their boxes look just like mine, packaged and sealed so they know it only belongs to them.  I understand now that this about more than just a hat and a shirt, it’s about dignity, it’s about self-worth, it’s about knowing that somebody out there cares.

I’m so grateful to be a part of this program.  It’s so rare to see a program like this that is 100% about giving to the kids and expecting nothing in return, not even publicity.  I would love nothing more than to see this program grow across the nation so that kids from coast to coast can benefit.”