MatchBack Monday: April 2

In 2001, Christopher Yanov was working as a youth director near downtown San Diego. The majority of the kids that he worked with were surviving in a bleak reality, filled with drugs, violence, gangs, and death. Most of these kids knew more people who were shot in the streets than people on the road to college.

That’s when he decided to do something about it and Reality Changers was born. With $300 and four inner-city teens in need, he began helping them change their reality. By providing tutoring, college readiness, scholarships and much more, Reality Changers gives these kids the support and resources that they need to become successful. To date, Reality Changers has graduated over 1,300 first-generation college graduates and given more than one million dollars in scholarships.

Every month the teens in these programs are challenged with individualized goals and benchmarks, for example raising grades or attendance. These are the stepping stones on their path to success, and when they reach them, they are rewarded with an awesome MatchBack Bundle that is just the perfect fit!

This gives them that small boost, that self-confidence, that comes with the gift of a cool new outfit…to keep them pushing on to the next milestone…to give them hope and a future they can be proud of.

We, here at MatchBack, are very excited to find such a wonderful and committed organization in Reality Changers! They are providing meaningful support and inspiration for these kids and we could not be more honored to participate with them.

Each month when you buy your bundle, you are providing this support and hope to one of these teens – to propel him or her on to a brighter future. Without you, our MatchBackers, none of this would be possible! You are making a difference daily in the lives of each of these kids and we are thankful to have you with us in this #MatchBackMovement!



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