MatchBack Monday: January 8

Have you met Carson?

Seriously, we don’t play favorites.

We’re like your first-grade teacher who swore to the moon and back they liked each and every classmate the same.

Ha, who are we kidding? That’s a total lie, Carson is totally one of our favorite people.

For him, it’s simple—he loves getting “cool” stuff and knowing that another teen will get the very same “cool” stuff thanks to him.

The sky is blue. The sun is hot. MatchBack is awesome. These are fundamental truths in Carson’s world.

So, ever since his first bundle in July, Carson has saved the money needed to pay for his subscription every month by doing chores. Because, you know, when you’re in 7th grade you can’t get a job. Although he has his ever-growing collection of MatchBack apparel on heavy rotation, he notes that he enjoys MatchBack so much because it gives him the opportunity to be, what he has dubbed, “community serving.” Ah yes, he definitely puts our mega bratty middle-school-aged selves to shame.

The more we sat chatting, the more admiration I had for this affable, bright, and kind-hearted young man who still thoughtfully wears October’s Half Untied friendship bracelet and speaks with a burgeoning passion about helping others.

I’ve come to realize that we all have our reasons as to why we pull out our wallets and fork over that $37 every month in support of the MatchBack Movement. And although we are as varied and unique as those very reasons why, we’re all rooted together in a place of generosity and kindness. And, I must say, it’s not a bad place to be.








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