MatchBack Monday: July 24


We all have one. From the moment you entered the world, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, your worldview began to form. Your home. Your family. Your friends. The list goes on. Good, bad, or somewhere-in-between, our relationships and life experiences build the lens from which we view the world.

In today’s world, so many things are out of our control. So many things cannot be changed. Perspectives, however, are fluid. Malleable. Small can become big. Narrow can become broad.

MatchBack had the opportunity to attend the Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Orange County meet-and-greet event in Huntington Beach this last week. It was at this event that perspective was spoken of as a powerful gift to be shared. Yes, it is ok to be different. Yes, healthy relationships are possible. Yes, college is an option. Yes, you can dream. In the lives of disadvantaged teens, it is through the transformation of perspective that hope, opportunity, and growth are oftentimes found.

At MatchBack we’re not solving world hunger. We’re not bringing peace to the Middle East or finding a solution to why your deli meat is round but your bread is square. What we are doing with every bundle is giving a little metaphorical water to help our matched youth grow a tree whose branches they can climb upon to reveal a horizon of a world where generosity and compassion not only exist, but thrive.

A fresh perspective (and bundle) looks good on everyone.