MatchBack Monday

Adam is a man of many shoes. And many t-shirts. Like, a lot. No, really. Like so many that one might infer that his retirement nest egg is literally within those laces, leather, and air pump technology. Either he is going to be living large off his collection in fifty years or he will be erecting a (rather large) hobo house of Jordan’s and Chuck’s festooned together— it really could go either way.

 Growing up, Adam wasn’t exactly the best dressed kid on the block. His parents owned an auto parts store, which meant Adam was the lucky forced recipient of a whole slew of auto-related apparel. A shirt, exactly three times too large with a graphic of a carburetor isn’t exactly what swag dreams are made of. He began to get picked on at school, and, in turn, began to lash out at his peers.

Then one day, the apparel gods smiled on his furry little head. A friend gave him a new shirt. Gold mine. Adam literally wore that striped shirt every other day until it became dangerously close to being reclassified as a midriff.

So now Adam understands how something which might seem so trivial to most—a shirt, a hat—can make a world of difference in the life of a teen. He knows the impact a program like MatchBack would have had in his own life growing up.

Stories like this are why we are 100% committed making a difference through It is why we invite you to Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.