MatchBack Monday: October 10th

Oh, they’re so sexy. Those smooth marketing tactics intended to woo first-time customers.

“For new customers only!”

 “This exclusive offer is only available to new accounts.”

 “Sign-up today for this limited-time offer.”

 “25% off for new customers, this week only.”

 “New accounts receive a bonus gift.”

You like what you see, so you finally get that gym membership.

You’re hitched.

Fully committed, you faithfully put that gym membership to good use four times a week. Then it happens. There you are on the treadmill. It’s Thursday afternoon, a good two years in, when you see new member Jim waltz on in. Whaaaaaa? How come Jim gets a new sports bottle? One month free? And private training sessions?

You’ve been loyal. In it for the long-term. But, let’s face it, your gym is on the hunt for that next hot, piece of new customer action. The thrill is gone. Honeymoon, over.

Yeah, we’re not lame like that.

We value loyalty, and we reward loyalty. Hear that, DirecTV? AT&T, you listening?

MatchBack is working on exclusive collaborations and awesome bonuses in the upcoming months to reward our most loyal customers. So stay tuned, our ride-or-die MatchBack-ers, our loved-you-since-the-day-I-met-you MatchBack-ers, our can-hardly-wait-for-next-month’s-bundle MatchBack-ers, because we love you too.


138 Balsam St.

Ridgecrest, CA 9355

Contact Us:

Email: 1.844.43.MATCH

SquarePrint: 1.844.6.SQUARE

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