MatchBack Monday: October 23rd

Since we started, back in July, a lot has changed. We’ve traded in our swim trunks for scarves. We’ve more than doubled our Teens-In-Need Network partners, and we’ve launched the Work Bonus Program.

But what hasn’t changed?

How MatchBack works.

  1. Subscription cost = $37/month.
  2. Every subscription is matched with a teen-in-need. Every single one. Your 1 subscription provides 2 bundles: one for you, and one for your matched teen.
  3. Every month, we partner with a new organization that serves as the inspiration for the month’s exclusive, original hat & shirt design. The result? Fresh looks and awesome surprise gifts for you and your matched teen.
  4. Every month, we ship out your matched bundles to our trusted Teens-In-Need Network partners who personally deliver your gift to your matched teen.
  5. Best customer service, like ever—call, chat, or email. We want you grinning-ear-to-ear-type-of-happy. That’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee, free exchanges, the freedom to pause or cancel anytime, and same business day shipping.

And that, folks, is something you can hang your (MatchBack) hat on.